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ProCheck knows that buyers and sellers alike are concerned with home energy. Whether your interest is personal and fiscal or global and conscientious, the energy efficiency of your home has an impact. It affects the value of your home. It affects the comfort of your home. Furthermore, your realtor can make the most of the home energy efficiency when it’s time to sell. We absolutely suggest that you as a homeowner have an inspection to determine your Home Energy Score.

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, residential energy waste contributes to 30% of all energy lost in buildings due to inefficiency. We look at: the square footage; energy systems, like plug load, hot water load, air conditioning, drainwater heat recovery, and solar; and the envelope of the home, the foundation, roof, walls, insulation, and windows. All of the measurements drive a formula developed by scientists and the US Department of Energy, letting ProCheck find out quickly and easily what the energy usage of the home looks like in hard numbers.

All of the measurements go into the Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score, which measures the energy efficiency of your home on a scale from 1 to 10. The higher the score, the better. You can easily and affordably find out what will give your home the greatest efficiency, comfort, and value–keeping your heating bill and cooling bill low. Inspections usually take an hour.

ProCheck was the first home inspection company in Northern Colorado to become certified for the Home Energy Score. The Home Energy Score system was developed by the US Department of Energy and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as an inexpensive and reliable method for rating energy use. Quality assurance is provided by partners of the program on 5% of all on-site inspections.

The Home Energy Score: it’s the NEW standard required by the Department of Energy and all prospective buyers can request the Home Energy Score to find out exactly what their investment looks like in the long term. It gives you information not just about the energy load of a home, but also its envelope, where energy is lost. It gives you an opportunity to improve your monthly energy bill–or show that value to a buyer. So if you’re selling your home, be ready. Call ProCheck for an inspection now!

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