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Loveland, CO Commercial Property Inspections

commercial building inspector workingCommercial property inspections are often overlooked as a necessary part of business operations. Whether you own, rent, or plan¬†to own or rent the property, or even selling, the current status of your base of operations should make a difference in your planning and strategy. A commercial property represents perhaps one of the largest assets on your balance sheet, and the comfort, appearance, and utility of your property affects your business in many ways. “Location, location, location” is the old addage about the importance of your brick and mortar facilities. It is as much a statement about your business as the way you maintain yourself affects your persona. ProCheck Inspection Services offers quick, easy, inexpensive, and effective insight into the state of your current or prospective base of operations.

Standards of commercial property upkeep from INTERNACHI, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, is an invaluable tool which we use for a baseline and rule of thumb from which to begin inquiry, but it doesn’t have the final say. You do. It will be important to investigate and discover how the property has historically been successful in providing an income stream to your business and the businesses which have preceded, if applicable. It will also be very important to discover and detail how essential building systems on-site are maintained: the structure, grounds, electrical, roofing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). ProCheck Inspection Services’ contacts include specialized subcontractors who exceL at identify ING concerns, and in most cases, address them with quality work.

Once we’ve identified concerns, you will have insight as to how your property is maintained, and this helps you further identify how the condition of the property will affect your balance sheet fiscally. When a property is in good condition, it provides you power in negotiations of all kinds, especially if the net worth of your business or can make or break a deal. When a property is in good condition and attractive, it sets a tone for all the interactions and transactions which occur there. And when it’s time for your business to make a location change or somehow liquidate, you can be assured that the property’s value as properly and certifiable assessed by our professionals gives you the power you need to conduct effective negotiations. That’s our ultimate goal.

Due diligence is the key. It’s not enough to use a checklist of standards, no matter how helpful as a starting point. This due diligence motivates us to find out exactly what is most important to your facilities’ valuation and proper upkeep. We get to know your business by probing for the information which is most relevant to you, and that may include the property’s uses, location, building age, type, and as was mentioned, its history in providing an income stream. Ultimately, we want to contract for you an inspection which fits all of your assessed and agreed needs. We make this inquiry as quick and unintrusive as possible, and conduct our inspections with a minimum impact on your day-to-day operations. And it’s so easy.

Just call ProCheck today and let us answer in detail what kinds of expertise and information we can bring to bear. We want to be your premiere resource for assuring the effective upkeep of your most important asset, your base of operations. The certifications and experience which our inspectors bring to bear gives you not only legitimate assurance to others that due diligence has been met, but also gives you peace of mind for your asset, your income, and your business’ image and ease of conducting¬†business.

We are standing by to let you know how we can empower you and give you the confidence to succeed.


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