New Construction Inspections

New Construction Inspection in Fort Collins CO

As demand for housing keeps gobbling up existing homes on the market, more homebuyers – whether they’re first-timers, moving up in the market, or looking for a custom dream home – are turning to new construction in Northern Colorado to fit their needs.

If you’re ready to take the new construction path, it pays to have a guide who knows the territory. Since 1992, ProCheck Inspection Services has been working with buyers and builders across the Front Range. We meet all the standards for new construction inspections including prerequisites on general liability, vehicle insurance and workman’s comp.

Many people skip the initial inspection and do warranty inspections before the 12th month mark instead. Like new construction inspections, warranty inspections cover:

  • Structure (foundation and roof structure)
  • Exterior (roof, siding, landscaping, driveway, decks/porches/patios)
  • Interior (floors, railings, ceilings, windows, doors, kitchen, appliances)
  • Electrical (main panels, disconnect, all visible outlets)
  • Plumbing (bathrooms, visible parts of main supply line and fixtures)
  • HVAC units (water heater, furnace, A/C)

For 30 years, ProCheck inspectors have been involved with new home inspections in well over 100 neighborhoods, from some of America’s biggest home builders to local custom contractors. As a result, we know what good outcomes look like. We’ve inspected homes in new communities like Johnstown’s Ranch, Fort Collin’s Mosaic, Loveland’s Van de Water, Severance Reserve, Berthoud’s Prairie Star, Windsor’s Raindance and many others.

Our mission is to increase property value through timely and detailed inspections, radon and mold testing, home maintenance priorities and plain ole’ neighborly advice. For buyers, that means understanding the functional units in the home and knowing when to push the builder to cover defects. For builders, it means making sure there is a working liaison in the process.

Because vacant and unfinished properties take less time to inspect, we have lower prices set aside for new construction and warranty inspections. Call or text (970) 227-6898 or schedule on-line to get a free quote for your new construction or warranty inspection today!