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Mold Inspection Services in Fort Collins, CO

Do you suspect you have mold growing in your home or business? Or do you want to make sure that a home or business doesn’t have mold growing in it before agreeing to buy it? ProCheck Inspection Services can set you up with a mold inspection and let you know if you have anything to worry about. ProCheck Inspection Services is the company you can trust.

The Dangers of Mold

 Any unseen active leak that goes untreated can create mold behind walls and difficult to reach areas, like attics.  The moisture collected from leaks or poor drainage causes destructive spores to grow and feed off your home or business, destroying the material they live on.  It is important to have a mold inspection done in a home or business, first, to identify and stop the cause of the mold but primarily to stop the damage to the structure.  Equally important, prolonged exposure to mold can cause health complications.  

It’s why you need to call on ProCheck Inspection Services to do residential or commercial mold inspection if you have any reason to believe mold might be a problem in a home or business.

Mold Inspection Services

ProCheck Inspection Services has been providing mold inspection services for more than 15 years now. When you schedule a residential mold inspection or commercial mold inspection, you’ll receive:

• Mold inspection and site review

• Mold air sample testing

• Mold physical sample testing

• Laboratory analysis of samples (independent lab testing)

Please note, mold testing is not included in the regular home inspection services offered by ProCheck Inspection Services. It costs an extra $350.

The Benefits of Scheduling a Mold Inspection

When you schedule a mold inspection conducted by ProCheck Inspection Services, you are provided with the following benefits:

• Test for hidden mold in a home or business through both air sampling and lab testing

• Determine whether any physical mold in a home or business is live and airborne or inactive (non-viable)

• Provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing whether or not mold is found in your future home or business

Would you like to take advantage of the benefits of having a mold inspection done? Call ProCheck Inspection Services at 970-227-6898 to schedule a mold inspection today.


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