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There’s a good chance there’s something in the air in your home. But what’s in the air isn’t always good. Chemicals and organisms which are airborne at room temperature, known as volatile can endanger the health of your family. They can also indicate structural problems, in the case of water damage. Fortunately, ProCheck Inspection Services has a way to investigate these invisible and often scentless gases and organisms to make sure to detect what you can’t see.

One of the more obvious sources of volatile chemicals in the home comes when household, automotive, and other chemicals evaporate. Some can be related to the building itself, like paints, varnishes, certain organic cements, fluorocarbons, heating fuels, and more. Others are more directly related to our lifestyle, whether it’s automotive fuel, medicines, personal care products, every type of alcohol, or other various solvents. Collectively, these are known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Sometimes, if there are a variety of sources, they can really add up.

Another important factor is mold. Mold literally eats at the materials from which your home is contructed. But it cannot thrive and grow without water. When there is a source of water, like seepage, flooding or improper drainage, it can spread through flooring, beams, walls, and more. The mold reproduces through spores, and those spores go airborne, potentially causing health conditions like runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, asthma attacks, and even Lyme Disease. Some molds also release mycotoxins, poisons which can even cause neurological problems with prolonged exposure. ProCheck’s inspection report reveals the presence of mold volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) so that you can know for sure.

How is this accomplished? You might be surprised how easy an indoor air quality inspection really is. A short visit to set up the monitoring equipment and 2 hours to collect the results are all that is required. Our laboratory partners come back with precise measurements of Total Volatile Organic Compounds (a TVOC analysis) and Total Mold Volatile Organic Compounds (a TMVOC analysis) which breaks down each and every volatile compound present in the air in your home, with special care to identify hazardous volatiles in particular.

Why not take away the guesswork? You can reduce the risk to your family, and make sure that the investment to your home is secure by finding out with a quick call to ProCheck. We’re standing by to answer your questions about indoor air quality and we want to be sure to understand and examine the situation according to your needs. It’s so easy. ProCheck Inspection Services can help you breathe easy.

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