Windsor, CO Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Windsor, CO indoor air quality inspection

There’s a good chance there’s something in the air in your home. But what’s in the air isn’t always good. Chemicals and organisms which are airborne at room temperature, known as volatile can endanger the health of your family. Fortunately, ProCheck Inspection Services has a way to investigate these invisible and often scentless gases and organisms to make sure to detect what you can’t see.

Many people experience allergy-like symptoms when encountering moderate to elevated levels of VOCs. Chemically sensitive adults and children will react stronger to even minimal to moderate levels. Reducing potential sources and increasing ventilation is the answer. ProCheck’s test identifies the source and then the homeowner’s job is to eliminate the source, store it and/or find ways to mitigate the problem. 

One of the more obvious sources of volatile chemicals in the home comes from our lifestyle, like regular householding cleaning products and fragrances. The alcohol, ethanol, isopropanol and limonene in these products that smell so good are major culprits of poor indoor air quality and will dissipate if use is discontinued or reduced. Other VOCs can be related to the building itself, like paints, varnishes, pvc cements and light hydrocarbons. The test distinguishes the results into a contamination pie index of lifestyle, building or mixed related sources.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to eliminate the source, such as luxury vinyl planking (LVP), which is notorious for off-gassing high levels of VOCs when initially installed and the only remedy is to increase ventilation. Also, painting and remodeling is a common cause of high VOCs that also require mitigation for 6 months to 2 years.

Many people are quick to blame the outdoor environment or mold when they have headaches or allergy-like symptoms. They don’t realize that the presence of mold spores is everywhere, and it is very difficult if not impossible to remove them completely. Of course, mold can be an important factor in remediating your indoor air quality and one should be careful to distinguish between appropriate growth surfaces and or nutrient sources. ProCheck’s inspection report reveals the presence of mold volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) so that you can know for sure.

Cities like Greeley, Eaton, Johnstown, and Evans top the state’s list of highest pollution areas. Cities like Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park were most heavily impacted by 2020 wildfires. It makes sense to take another look at the indoor air quality of your home. But mostly, it’s what we are putting into our homes that are causing problems.

You might be surprised how easy an indoor air quality test really is. A call or text to set up the inspection and 2 hours to collect the results are all that is required. Our laboratory partners come back with precise measurements of Total Volatile Organic Compounds (a TVOC analysis) and Total Mold Volatile Organic Compounds (a TMVOC analysis). Based upon your specific home air analysis, the report will list the chemical compounds which are significant contributors to your homes TVOC level.

Why not take away the guesswork? You can reduce the risk to your family, and make sure that the investment to your home is secure by finding out with a quick call to ProCheck. We’re standing by to answer your questions about indoor air quality, and we want to be sure to understand and examine the situation according to your needs. It’s so easy. ProCheck Inspection Services can help you breathe easy.