Sewer Scope

Sewer Line & Home Inspections in Windsor, CO

The interior condition of the sewer line cannot be determined during a general home inspection. The interior of the pipes can deteriorate over time, household items and roots can partially block the lines. Clogged sewer lines can result in slow drainage, overflowing toilets, water damage, leaks in the drain line, and even flooded rooms and basements. Fortunately, ProCheck has the solution to this common problem: Sewer scope service!

The main reason everyone should have their sewer line checked is because most homeowner’s insurance does not cover the sewer line unless there is a specific trailer or premium paid. This means that a majority of homeowners are left with the bill when there is a sewer line problem and it is too late. This was the original cause for sewerscopes becoming so popular. An insurance measure against the insurance companies lack of coverage. The homeowner is responsible for everything ‘outside’ the perimeter of the home which includes drain lines from the house to the city main. The cost is for the homeowner to bear.

If it’s in good condition you can have peace of mind and if we find a crack or clogged line, we can possibly save you thousands of dollars in repairs. We attempt the sewerscope through the clean out available within the home. If not, we use one outside the home and as a last recourse we use the roof vent. 

We begin by line-feeding our high-resolution, stainless steel See Snake® camera head into the sewer; then using our Custom Eyes® we’re able to record, identify any damage, and make recommendations. This additional service will allow you to determine the condition of the sewer line of your home or the home you are preparing to buy.

Before, only 1900s properties in Greeley, Fort Collins or Loveland with clay pipes and large overgrown trees were the most common reason for drain blockage. However, you might be surprised to know that a majority of clogged drains are simply caused by man-made materials being flushed into the drain lines. Nowadays, the new construction in Johnstown, Loveland, Severance and Fort Collins can run into these issues. Many people are finding their homes clogged with building materials, especially cement! And with the rush of new home building, cracked lines is becoming an increasing occurrence.

As you can See, there are many reasons to be ProCheckin’ your sewer line with us while we do your home inspection. Call or text us today at (970) 227-6898.