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Sewer Scope

An important component of a property that is not inspected in a general home inspection is the interior of the main sewer line. Overtime, sewer lines can get clogged by tree roots and commonly used household products. This can cause leaks and can lead to major water damage. Even in new homes, construction debris or faulty piping can cause sewer line problems. Whether you are a home owner or home buyer, call ProCheck to have your sewer line checked to avoid the expensive aftermath of a non-functioning sewer line!

Sewer Line & Home Inspections in Windsor, CO

The interior condition of the sewer line cannot be determined during a general home inspection. The interior of the pipes can deteriorate over time, household items and roots can partially block the lines. Fortunately, ProCheck has the solution to this common problem: Sewer scope service!

We begin by line-feeding our high-resolution, stainless steel See Snake® camera head into the sewer; then using our Custom Eyes® we’re able to record, identify any damage, and accurately pinpoint the location of blockage at the inspection. This system is the sure fire way to ensure that the main sewer line is in proper working condition with no damage or blockage.

There isn’t a way to clearly detect if there is any blockage or any kind of problem with the internal pipes during a regular home inspection. But this additional service will allow you to determine the condition of the sewer line of your home or the home you are preparing to buy.

Contrary to popular belief, old properties with large overgrown trees are not the most common reason for drain blockage. Similarly, home owners with these types of properties are not the only people who need to be concerned about a clogged sewer line. A majority of clogged drains are simply caused by man-made materials being flushed into the drain lines. Which means every home owner and buyer can have these issues and should look into their sewer systems for blockage and problems. Clogged sewer lines can result in slow drainage, overflowing toilets, water damage, leaks in the drain line, and even flooded rooms and basements. Even homes under construction can run into these issues! Many people are finding their homes clogged with building materials, especially cement!

Here are five common elements that may be clogging your drain lines:

1. Tree roots.

2. Non-flushable items (like flushable wipes!)

3. Garbage disposal remains.

4. Sagging sewer line.

5. Debris such as mud, clay, and cement.

Although clogged drains will most commonly lead to leaks and water damage, the problems do not stop there. An unresolved blockage can lead to a backed-up sewer line which affects the entire home. Then the problem escalates when you discover that all insurance coverage stops at the perimeter of the home. In other words, if you are faced with digging up drain lines from the house to the street, the cost is entirely YOURS to bear. But Procheck’s sewer scope is only $150.


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