Indoor Air Quality

The EPA has reclassified Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to mean RADON, MOLD, and VOCs. At ProCheck Inspections we have been testing these for 12+ years and have hand-picked different laboratories to partner with. We have certifications and work experience to identify your home’s indoor air quality issues.

Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) cause allergy-like symptoms and are often confused with Mold. ProCheck Inspections works with Enthalpy Analytical Laboratory to provide an Indoor Air Quality report that monitors 500+ most common airborne chemicals (VOCs) and hidden mold growth with a single air sample. The test is done in 2 hours and costs $395.00

Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours. Our services include Mold air quality and surface sample testing, Independent laboratory reports with Sporectye, and mold report analysis. $395

Radon seeps into your home causing lung cancer. Over 500 Coloradoans die of radon lung cancer each year. Radon levels must now be disclosed per Colorado State Bill 23-206. Find the answer in 48 hours. $200

2 or more tests receive a $100 discount!