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How sure are you that the maintenance of your property has been thorough and up to date? Are you planning on purchasing a property and want a better look at its condition? A residential home inspection is a valuable tool for homeowners and those looking to purchase a home. It helps guarantee that the details that affect a property’s worth have been attended and cared for. ProCheck Inspection Services makes it easy and affordable.

When to INSPECT?

Diligent research is always a must when making an expensive decision about the home you’d like to buy, either as an investment or a place to put down roots. Likewise, a seller putting the home on the market may find it meaningful or necessary to show that the property is in top condition when looking to liquidate. Sometimes maintenance passes from one caretaker to another, and the owner needs to assess the state of a property as the duties pass to themselves or another caretaker. Sometimes there’s simply a lapse in maintenance, where time or distance or other distractions make it difficult to keep the home in repair. ProCheck is here to help you make sure that all the details are attended to.


ProCheck Home Inspection provides a number of add-on services in addition to the routine home inspection, like a certified Radon Test to protect the inhabitants from ground-swelling radiation which is prominent in Weld and Larimer Counties, or evaluating your home’s energy efficiency with a Department of Energy certified Home Energy Score, which will be required on homes on the market within two years. And depending on your risk or allergy factors, you may consider an Air Quality Test to ensure that water damage has not led to dangerous mold in the air, or a recent remodelation hasn’t left you breathing toxins. There’s no need to worry any longer–ProCheck makes it quick and hassle free.

What is the PROCESS?

Just call us! Someone is always there to answer your call and your questions every day from 7a.m. to 7p.m., and inspections can be scheduled quickly and conveniently. Inspections usually take 3 hours and air quality and radon inspections only are completed within two days. With our standard home inspection, we check everything visually from the grounds to garage to your living spaces. From the foundation to the roof, plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling, plus your built-in appliances. Our inspectors are trained to see exactly what condition your home is in, and we are prepared to refer you to specialists if there is a concern that needs work.


All of this service comes with trained and certified professional treatment which helps take the guesswork out of home maintenance and how it translates to value. ProCheck Home Inspections helps you rest assured that any problems are identified and can be solved. We serve the entire Front Range area of Colorado from Denver to Wyoming. Our mission is to help you experience the joy and safety and comfort of a well-maintained home. Call us right away for more information.

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